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The Journal of Princess Sucha
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Sunday, November 11th, 2007
5:58 pm
More Shakespeare
This one is quite good as well:
William Shakespeare

Let's carve him as a dish fit for the Sucha,
Not hew him as a carcass fit for hounds.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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5:56 pm
The Sucha
I saw the food lady doing this, so I tried with my name. Don't you think this quote is wonderful?

William Shakespeare

It is the Sucha,
The Sucha above us, govern our conditions.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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Thursday, November 8th, 2007
3:26 pm
Cat abuse
OMG, the big apes are insane. They have found new ways to torture me. Many times every day, swestrup (the ape with the furry face) picks me up with a towel and wraps it tightly around me so I can't move my limbs. Then taxlady (the other, smaller one) forces my mouth open and shoves pellets down my throat. They say that it will make me feel better, but I really think it is very undignified and uncomfortable. I do not see how this makes me feel better.

Well, yesterday they had new torture. They lured me into the bathroom and swestrup wrapped me in the towel. The other one did the thing with the pellets. Then, I can hardly believe this, then, she put me in the bathtub and it was full of water! The other one poured water on me. They wouldn't even let me stand up in the tub. The smaller one just held me in one hand and rubbed smelly stuff into my fur. She rubbed it everywhere. Then the bearded one poured more water over me.They cut off chunks of my fur! Eventually they stopped the water torture and I was put back in the restraining towel. They rubbed me with the towel! In places that I will not mention on a public forum. Leave it to be said, it was totally undignified and lacking in respect.

I was eventually liberated. Then taxlady tried to take photographs of me, just to add insult to injury. Photographs of a wet cat - good grief!

I was wet and cold for hours. Ha, I got even with taxlady. I sat on her lap and sucked the heat out of her body. I also drooled on her jeans. Eventually they did provide a very warm pillow and a heat lamp.
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
2:02 am
that silly shreddy
I figured out why my food lady gets so much spam. shreddy has been surfing the net when she isn't looking. He signed up for Catnip of the Month, Mouse of the Week, and other things and they all turned out to be scams. She didn't figure it out, because shreddy isn't very good with the keyboard and he put that his email address was plnqztrx at taxdragon dot com. My food lady just thought it was one of those made up email addresses that spammers use.

Current Mood: geeky
Monday, July 30th, 2007
3:00 am
shreddy thinks he's special because he has a job. He is the patrol cat. He has to patrol the whole house every few hours to make sure there aren't any monsters. But, he has never done anything about the monster in this chair:
From Shreddy & Sucha

and, as can be clearly seen from the photo, we both use the chair. The monster is usually deep in the corner where the arm of the chair meets the back and seat of the chair.
Monday, April 24th, 2006
4:48 pm
new friends
My food lady suggested that I add catsofblue to my friends list. I hope they are friendly. I also hope they are well mannered, unlike my roommate, shreddy.

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
3:10 pm
The food lady finally came back from galavanting around the world (Copenhagen, Iceland, Boston). She was gone for a month and some strange man came in a fed me and the furry monster, shreddy.

If that wasn't bad enough, we didn't have an internet connection, so I couldn't even keep up with my friends on LJ or post. Of course, now that she is back, she has made sure there is internet for her.

How dare she leave me behind. I have been trying to tell her what I think of this, but she doesn't seem to understand. She just comes over and pets me. I peed on the floor, twice since she got back, to make my point. shreddy keeps trying to interrupt when I'm talking to her. He just doesn't understand that its all about me, me, me.

Current Mood: frustrated
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
12:05 am
Shreddy is being punished
Ha, he deserves it. He just wouldn't stop harrassing me. The big apes came to my rescue and spritzed him good. But, he did it again. Now he is locked somewhere downstairs. My food lady says he's going to be there all night.

Current Mood: relieved
Sunday, December 28th, 2003
7:07 pm
First journal entry
Today I slept a lot. I ate bacon. I am as beautiful as usual. shreddy was a pest, as usual. He jumped on the dishwasher and knocked the electric fying pan on the floor. Parts of it broke off. He's in big trouble now. The rule at this house is that we can jump on everything except kitchen counters and the stove, but we aren't allowed to make things fall down. taxlady was pissed off. What a klutz. Do you see what I have to put up with?

Current Mood: sleepy
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